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2th edition, 2007.

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Sentences about Géza Szávai’s novel: Aletta’s Ark

° ‘Géza Szávai’s new novel is an embarrassing, disquieting, exciting piece of reading. You face demons in it… It bites into your flesh…’ (Tibor Szabó in Irodalmi Jelen)

° ‘Szávai’s novel is a transition between historical novels, lyric pornography and psalms originated in carnal love – and during the creative synthesis something beautiful is born: Aletta Huebler’s strange world, imbued with voluptuousness and faith:” (Tamás Koncz in Új Könyvpiac)

° ’Szávai has written something outstanding, which is proved – for me – by automatically comparing everything I have read since then to Aletta’s Ark.’ (Zoltán Ónagy in Új Magyar Szó, Bucharest)

° ’…the reader can enter the mysterious Japanese world, too. And those who are able to be on the same wavelength will take part in Aletta’s story and will never get rid of it.’ (György Bajna in Hargita Népe, Csíkszereda)

° ’Aletta’s Ark works with an enormous system of symbols, which are built onto the story like the layers of an onion.’ (Szabolcs Benedek in Élet és Irodalom)

° ’The world of Aletta’s Ark is cruel, but aesthetically it could hardly be kinder.’ (Béla Bíró in Romániai Magyar Szó, Bucharest)


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